Parking Lot Maintenance

Advanced provides cost-saving solutions to the parking lot maintenance needs of your shopping center, office complex or industrial park. These services include parking lot sweeping, power washing of walkways and asphalt maintenance.

Through properly scheduled maintenance and exceptional service, Advanced can protect your parking lot from the harsh conditions that often lead to expensive repair costs. From sweeping services to seal coating, Advanced believes in thoroughly servicing every job site, every time. Moreover, all work is both supervised and quality controlled. When Advanced leaves your site, you will discover why clients completely trust Advanced.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Daily, weekly or monthly services, we can design a program to suit your needs. Our services cover your parking lot, including the perimeter, foundation and curb lines. We can also replace your trash can liners and hand pick debris.

Line Striping

We offer complete layout and line striping services.

Seal Coating

We use commercial-grade sealer with additives that enable your asphalt to resist leaks and offer protection against cracking and weakening.

Crack Sealing

We provide both routing and filling of cracks, with your pavement longevity being our top concern.

Power Washing

We provide multiple programs for commercial properties. From graffiti removal to regular scheduled maintenance, you can trust Advanced to meet your power washing needs.